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Christina Frey "the hidden and divine"


Mittwoch, 17.01.2024 um 21.00 Uhr

mit Gelateria Soundsystem, DJ Ice Cream Man


täglich ab 16.00 Uhr


“We are still the aliens, the ones expected to do the dirty work, and churn out the raw materials while keeping a low profile. But compared to being a man, it’s a walk in the

park…. Because, in the end, we’re not the ones who are most terrorized, most helpless, most shackled. Ours has always been the gender of endurance, of courage, of resistance. Not that we had a choice.”

Zitat aus King Kong Theory von Virginie Despentes


Christina Frey geboren 1971.
Studium bei Jürg Stäube, Guido Nussbaum und Hannah Villiger.
Lebt und arbeitet in Laufen (BL).



Vorschau 2024:

Ilse Ermen

Julie Zimmer


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