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Go!C!ART Festival

9.th Edition Go!C!Art, a minimal festival of diversion; art; music; dj's; performances; new international trends ...

Free Admission! Jump On!
Free Admission ! Each day from 4p.m. Jump on!

GO!C!ART Festival 10th edition

a minimal festival of diversion; art; music; dj's; performances; new international trends 

Free Admission! Jump On!

 Sa 11.6. Opening Party


Gaia Moibilij Electro Indie Folk (Italy)  

Modern electro Folk From Pescara Italy with incredible multi instrumental Sounds between Indie folk, Electronics and beautiful Gypsy world Grooves. 


Frank Castro & K 7 live Trap Hop (Spain / De ) 

After Show Party with Basels best known freestyle DJs Morgenatem 

So 12.6.


Vernissage Flacas ART . 

Provocative digital Art by female activist Flaca from Caracas Venezuela.

Im Anschluss legen die spanischen Mestizo DJs World Ragga Reggae Grooves auf.

Mo 13.6.


Open Art Talent Show! Bring any kind of Art or Talent to our Art Stage! From Art to Music! Winners get surprice!   

DJ Blue Monday (UK) 80s & Wave.

Tue 14.6.


B°TONG feat. Chris Sigdel (Sweden/Basel) Ambient Guitar, electronics live 

Project of Chris Sigdel, former of Phased and other legendary Bands. He toured europe succesfully and is always a mindblowing experience.   

We 15.6.


FLEUR DU MALHEUR feat. Tom Schwoll live

Blues Garage Rnr Songs Chansons

Der berliner Gitarrist Tom Schwoll (Ex Extrabeit / Jingo de Lunch) mit seinem Projekt Fleur du Malheur. Fans von Country Blues , Chansons , Garage Rock N Roll und Tom Waits oder Nick Cave finden dabei ebenso Gefallen wie jene denen die rohe, DARK gefärbte Seele der Songs zusagt. 

After Show party : 

DJ Wavy Gravy (USA) RnR Garage Americana

Thu 16.6.



La Maschera gives us back what we` ll might be missing since the Phantom of The Opera!

After Show Party with DJ Frank Castro  ( Madrid Vampisoul Records) Latin Soul Afro Funk 

Fr 17.6.


George Heinle aka Heavy Metal Bar Piano  live

Piano Metal Versions for Loungeheads!

After Show with  DJ Papst Pest Crossover Funk und 90s  

Sa 18.6.


Collapsing Dronecopter

Dance Performance by Layan Mneymne (Beirut / Lebanon) 

feat.Costumes by Fashion Brand Turtlehorn

Big Closing Party mit Suprise Acts  GO C ART Allstar DJs !    

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