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Leonard Bullock: C‘est déja çà

Leonard Bullock came to Basel after 20 years in New York and a sojourn in Cologne in 1995/96. He has a 40 year history of exhibitions of his works in New York, Europe and Asia.

His first European solo exhibition was with Rudolf Zwirner Galerie in Cologne in 1986. His work was featured at P.S.1 Museum in 1990. Freiburger Kunstverein 1999. David Zwirner Gallery, N.Y. 2008. Daniel Newburg London, 2012 Atelier Galerie Valerie Gautier, Belle Isle en Mer, F, 2018 Fernet Branca Musée, St.Louis, 2019 

L.B. attended S.V.A. and the New School of Social Research in N.Y. & the Yale Norfolk program in 1981. He has been a visiting artist/lecturer in numerous art institutions and Universities. 

In October 2021 Bullock will show with Thomas Erben Gallery, 526 W.26th St., New York 

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