Musketeer „Seven Long Years“

Musketeer is an Australian born Singer-Songwriter currently based in Hamburg Germany.

Over the years Musketeer has honed his skills as a formidable singer-songwriter , gathering rich stories from the people, the history, and landscapes of the places he has wandered and recounting them in song.

Having a deep thirst for wanderlust, Musketeer has already toured several countries this year. This includes a solo effort through Sweden, Spain and Germany, as well as a tour of his home country Australia and also a full band tour through Denmark at the beginning of the year.

In 2017 Musketeer released the debut studio EP ‘Seven Long Years’. The EP, written, recorded and produced in Newcastle, Australia follows the journey of an 18th century convict sent to the prison camps of Australia. It combines old sea-tale story telling with a modern musical sentiment.

In 2019, Musketeer will release a second Studio EP with the full band entitled ‘The North Sea.’



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