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The Trump Jump ! Performance & DJ set by DJ Dylan aka DJ Dylirious (UK) !


20:00 Uhr Performance

The Trump Jump ! by Dylan Dylrious (UK)


Performance & DJ set by DJ Dylan aka DJ Dylirious (UK) !
The Media hype about Donald Trump is quiet big. Dylan , more known  for his Dj Sets of Drum n Bass (same label like famous Cookie) and DJ sets in Ibiza, is  also known for his black humour and great Stunts ! Last year he brought us "Dad?s Army" ,  this year The TRUMP JUMP ! will be a crazy mixture of all, if you like Monty Python and Jack Ass you re welcome !




21:00 Uhr

Destructive Machines Proceeding

Antoine Zgraggen - Destrictive Machines

Destructive Machines by Antoine Zgraggen. You are encumbered of art works – here you can destroy it



21:00- 01:30 Uhr DJ set

DJ Dylan





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