Go!C!ART BRIGITTE HANDLEY (Germany/Australia) Post wave indie

A minimal Festival of Diversion.8 th Edition.
Created by Frank Castro & Cargo Bar.
Free Admission ! Each day from 4p.m. Jump on!


BRIGITTE  HANDLEY  (Germany/Australia) Post wave indie 

Brigitte Handley is an Australian singer-songwriter and guitarist from the band, the Dark Shadows. Brigitte joins forces with Sydney creative collective, Matahari Ranch on her new single, Köln… out now digitally and coming soon on special edition 180g  12" indigo blue coloured vinyl. 'Köln - Visions...' 5 track maxi EP

The Köln - Visions…  Maxi EP features the popular new electro synthwave single, ‘Köln’ as well as the much loved single, ‘After Dark’ and special Matahari Ranch remixes of the reflective dark electro ballads ‘Lament of a Lost Soul…’ and ‘Still Lives…’ and debuts the new unreleased MHR collaboration, ‘Daylight’…  


& GO!C!ART closing party with DJ Frank Castro and the Allstars 

From Post Wave till House Tec and euro Beats 

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