Rain Frame (live, on going Session Pt.1 the beginning)

transcendent electronic vibes
ein neues live electronic Format, kuratiert von Dario Rohrbach Rosa aka “Rhythm Child”, jeweils am letzten Donnerstag im Monat.

en Kazcor (live) 

Rain Frame (live, on going Session Pt. 1 – the beginning) 

Ben Kazcor is a very talented entrepreneur of electronic music mostly headed or bas(s)ed for the dancefloor, but also loving the textures and melodic fields of drone or putting the music to the ambient (totally non dancefloor of course!), where he's shaping the music into the listeners mood and uses feelings to recreate new reactions or colours. Rain Frame is the electronic music project of Arev Imer. Through the work with analog electronic and modular synthesizers & tapeloops he develops sound textures moving into drone or ambient as the overall and simply electronic Music. Specially for the Cargo Series he developed a on going set which will follow it's lead from start to end and will restart every session at the same point. (more or less as in anolog hearts spoken) We can't wait to hear those two gentleman kicking off the “Transcendental Vibes – The Live Electronic Sessions” at Cargo Bar every last Thursday of the month. Stay Tuned!

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