8 PM: Ritual Performance RURRU MIPANOCHIA (Mexico City)


Rurru Mipanochia is a cyborg built in Nibiru but discarded to the Earth by defects in its operating system reborn in Mexico City. In fact, it adopts the humanoid form to camouflage itself with the multitude; Skimming some people, to assimilate themselves in skin to this race and feeding on the coagulated menstruation of some residents and in this way to absorb part of their DNA -, studied Visual Arts in the Faculty of Arts and Design, UNAM, graduated the year 2012 of Gregorian Calender.  His/her/Its Art has been presented  in Mexico, The U.S.A., Latin America and Europe. Rurru is well known by Art Galeries and Art Festivals all around the world for her Drawings & provocative live Performances.  The main purpose of this project is to achieve that the audience could recognize itself in the face, body and sexuality of what is mostly called “the other”. This bond is to be created through my work, which consists mainly in a graphic and personal reinterpretation of Mexican pre-Columbian myths about sexuality. For this reason, my work will we focused towards a public whose cultural background is different from the Mexican context, so that it could have an approach to the conception of sexuality in ancient times through the iconographic, symbolic and mythological motifs I work with, giving an innovative colorful twist that welcomes the spectator in a playful and even childlike manner. Thus, this project is directed towards all kinds of audience: art students, artists, historians, anthropologists, queer people, non-binary bodies and curious people who like to know more about the ancient Mexican visions on sexuality.Historical backgroundAbout the Performance: The main idea is to reproduce an ancient story about why the Mayans believed that women menstruating   coupled with the belief of the Tlahuelpuchis, vampire women of ancient Mexico.

Quetzalcoatl creates the bat by mixing his semen with a stone; The bat Zotz bites the goddess of flowers while she sleeps, bites a bunch of vagina and the goddess begins to bleed so they believe because of that women bleeds every month. The bat carries the piece of vagina to the underworld and there the god of death turns it into flowers.
The performance will reproduce this story in a contemporary way and mix it with a kind of ritual.
We are very glad to present her at the Festival, flying in from Mexico City as as very special Guest of  our 6 Th Edition.

» http://www.rurru.jimdo.com

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