'City of Oblivion'

One day when he was a child in New York City Anton put his ear against a speaker in a dark apartment on the west side and went into a trance. He had a long dream. When he woke up twenty years later his heart was permanently broken, but in a good way. Trying to make a movie out of the turbulence in his mind, he found himself writing songs instead, songs some have described as sounding like Bryan Ferry, some as sounding like John Lennon, and some as sounding like great sex during failed psychoanalysis.

Anton often takes himself a little too seriously, but his melodies are often beautiful, his lyrics often interesting, and his beats cool, so forgive him. Girls are usually more enamored of his tunes than boys, but the boys are slowly being won over.

Anton Sword plays and records both solo electronica and with a full live band. Blending the fun singability of early Bowie with Radiohead prog, Elliott Smith melancholy, and The Cure's goth cheese, Sword's songs are now being brought to full pop power by his band The We Ours, which showcases thrilling drummer Kristin Mueller of Lucinda Black Bear and great additional vocals by guitarist Kristofer Widholm and bassist Jessica Hallman. A girl rhythm section fronted by two guy singers: that's a welcome change.

2008 found Anton Sword touring the northeast USA and Europe several times. During 2009 Anton is recording two CDs, one with full band The We Ours and one electronic. Both CDs are being made in NYC at Godelstring and Tritone studios and in Berlin with Ingo Krauss (formerly of Conny Plank's Cologne studio).

» http://www.antonsword.com

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