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get ost afterparty mit radiorifle (ch) - shrinkfm meets flowpro (srb)

Radiorifle: die zwei Jungs aus dem Solothurner HIRO Kollektiv haben sich formiert. Mit Clinic zur Linken und Faktor zur Rechten wird tief in der Kiste der Tanzmusik gegraben: elektronische, akustische, retro, futuristische Mixes.

Music of Shrink FM could be described as mix of triphop, industrial and electro, with strong influence of the atmosphere of the town in which he grew up (industrial suburbia packed with working class people), with the elements of scratch. Video that is with that and for which flowpro is responsible is made from original ambiental and symbolistic clips in combination with clips from different propaganda movies (ads, anti-drug films, political commercials) and also with textual video slam-poetry pieces. Intention is to tell a story, in which both of them have their own part of bringing that story to the audience.

» http://www.myspace.com/radiorifle

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