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Music, music, music... where to start? I guess it would have to be the voice... As a child I was very keen for theatre... School productions were often musicals... I sang... Then at 11 the flute made it's way into my life, closely followed by the didgeridu and various percussion instruments at 12, the saxophone joined the party when I hit 13 and then, in my 14th year... Well... I stayed with my older brother for two weeks whilst my parents were on holiday... My brother was living with a house dj at the time (Butzi)... That was the fated day upon which I saw a set of decks for the first time... two mkII 1210's beaming in all their glory sat with a now oldshool two channel gemini comfortably snuggled in between them... The explanantion I got from Butzi was "this makes it go faster, this makes it go slower, this makes that side loud, that makes this side loud... now I'm going out for a beer..." Naturally there was a box of records I was allowed to touch, and a whole bunch of boxes I wasn't to go anywhere near... Throughout my adolescent years, I would dj every party I had the opportunity to... turned out to be a fair few... but not yet playing what I really wanted to be playing... house... I had to cater to an unspecialised audience hooked on MTV... tough one... At 17 years old, outside of a physics exam revision class, a good friend of mine asked what I really wanted to do with my life, and I said "not physics..." As a result of that converstion, I ended up studying theatre at university, and carrying on djing throughout... I found the age old truth, that if you've got a rig and people want to party, if you bring your rig along, they'll let you dj in there living room... Those sessions were always special with DC and the Klay further broadening my initially sheepish approach to there respective musical fields... As a result there will always be a place in my heart for house parties... So, the house parties along with living with various other djs throughout my 3 years in the uk broadened my musical horizon (true discovery of d&b and breaks) and gave me a chance to experiment with these new forms... (Saturday sessions with Dave Goebel back-to-backing house and breaks... I must recommend this...) From there it was only a question of time before my mind's ear started to strecth out in all directions, looking for a sound that made sense and identifying what I feel are my fundemental rhythms... Turns out it's the bouncy minimal house noise that warms my spirit... though I do definetely still have a thing for the likes of Jazz...

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