very percussiv duo with loops and noisy lines from paed conca and the dancing drum of steve buchanan

steve buchanan: footdrums, guitar

paed conca: bass, clarinet, electronics

He was member of SO NICHT with Dani Lieder of Alboth!
Co-founder of OTOLITHEN with Dirk Bruinsma
Member of BLAST with Dirk Bruinsma, Frank Crijns and Fabrizio Spera
Co-founder of LITHE HED with D.J. Kev the Head and Dirk Bruinsma
Co-founder of BEST BEFORE.., a trio with Bruno Meillier and Dominique Lentin
Works also solo under the artist name CLEEE
Also founder of the CLEEE-SEPTET with Martin Schuetz, Patricia Wydmer, Madleine Bischof, Margrit Rieben, Thomas K.J.Meier and Dirk Bruinsma
Co-founder of TSUKI with Hans Koch and Margrit Rieben
Co-founder of Lefthead with Edward Capel.
He worked writing music for theatre, filmproductions and small ensembles.
As improvising musician involved in projects with people like Bart Maris, Ottomo Yoshide, Noeel Akchote, Matt Wand, Jason Kahn, Koji Asano, Bruno Meillier, Jim Meneses, Stephan Wittwer, Steve Buchanan, Dorothea Schuerch, Saadet Tuerkoez, Kato Hideki, Werner Luedi, Michael Wertmueller, Kido Natsuki, Masashi Kitamura, Katsui Yuji, Margrit Rieben, Yoko Miura, Hans Koch, John Edwards, Martin Schuetz and others.
He did tours in Poland, Italy, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Russia, Japan etc. etc.
He performed on fetivals like: Untiteld Festival in Den Bosch (NL), Kykart Festival in St. Petersburg, Audio Art Festival in Krakau, Reve de Gier Fetival in France, Rumor Festival in Utrecht (NL), Novembermusic 2003 etc. etc.


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