Transcendent Electronic Vibes: The Noise of Time

transcendent electronic vibes
ein neues live electronic Format, kuratiert von Dario Rohrbach Rosa aka “Rhythm Child”, jeweils am letzten Donnerstag im Monat.

I am really looking forward to this March edition of Transcendent Electronic Vibes. I made myself a little gift for my belated birthday and therefore invited a very special trio. It is worth letting yourself into the tonal dream wolrds of the three protagonists.


But it will not only be acoustic. With „The Noise of Time“ several picture tubes will be set up and the whole thing will be painted visually – so you can be very excited:


The Noise of Time


The project of „The Noise of Time“ now puts the focus on raw, analog modular and video synthesizers. The processes are produced on analog machines, with the computer playing a marginal role. The artist not only produces music with his modules, but also edits video recordings with them. „The Noise of Time“ will take you on a journey of visual concepts, vintage tube TV's, videocams and projectors perfectly suited to the atmospheric textures and distortions.



Alain Meyer


The producer and musician Alain Meyer explores the possibilities of modularity for improvisation and spontaneous invention. His live sets follow an anarchistic approach, in which kaleidoscopic digital loops have their place as well as experimental analogue synthesis and the boundaries between techno, noise and ambient blur.



Florian Oberhauser


Florian Oberhauser aka Dr. Cable is a passionate patcher, DIY enthusiast and co-founder of the modular collective Deep Space 199 in Basel. Florian will explore the space between the Bleeps and Blops in symbiosis with his programmed droid.

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