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Transcendental Vibes: GIANT STONE EATER

Giant Stone Eater are the brightly shining stars in your dark psychedelic skies. The band are from Basel and they love the dark pop sounds of the 80s and 90s. Mostly they play originals with the occasional nod to 70s Glasgow rock legend Alex Harvey. The sound is ambient, rocky, intense, lyrical and never cold.

 We play our own songs and covers of The Sensational Alex Harvey Band. When we started out we just played covers.

Formed in 2012 when a Sensational Alex Harvey Band tribute looked like it was going to fall apart, Giant Stone Eater were initally meant to be an tribute band setup to fulfill some booking commitments in the UK. The tribute band didn’t fold, so the band contented themselves with playing only covers. The lineup chopped and changed as bands often do. And, in recent years  with a steady lineup, the band has finally started  playing Alex Harvey related numbers aswell as ditching most of their other covers to play original songs.
» http://giantstoneeater.com

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