Rain Frame (live, on going Session Pt.2)

transcendent electronic vibes
ein neues live electronic Format, kuratiert von Dario Rohrbach Rosa aka “Rhythm Child”, jeweils am letzten Donnerstag im Monat.

Martin Reck & Thom Nagy (live) 

Rain Frame (live, on going Session pt.2) 

Two individuals with a wide range of musical interests and mostly in the search of the space and time encounter together as in the studio, on the dancefloor or like in this case for a session in Cargo Bar. They explore those boundaries and beyond the space and time independently for speed or strength but always intensively. We are very proud to give you the opportunity to experience one of those live sessions together with the duo Martin Reck & Thom Nagy. Aside from that we're looking forward to the second session of the astonishing Rain Frame with his 2nd Part of his on going developing live set specially made for the Cargo Bar's “Transcendental Vibes – The Live Electronic Sessions” every last Thursday of the month. We are very honored to present you another side of Electronic Music, not necessarily related to dancefloor music, but for sure it will reach your mind and touch your soul. 

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