Rain Frame (live, on going Session Pt.3)

transcendent electronic vibes
ein neues live electronic Format, kuratiert von Dario Rohrbach Rosa aka “Rhythm Child”, jeweils am letzten Donnerstag im Monat.

Florian Oberhauser (Dr. Cable), Arev Imer (Rain Frame, ongoing Session Pt. 3), Dario Rosa (Host) (live) 

For the last live electronic session we put together a trio infernale, when it comes to encountering shapes, colours and textures of sound. They're a well coordinated team and if you're listening to them you can see them vibing and reacting to each other. You get the feeling of old Jazz Buddies having fun in a dark ass shady bar somewhere down the streets. All of them are masters in their craft, but nevertheless they are always listening with one ear to the music of the others. That's how they create a perfect wanna state of being, in the same way as exploring new textures and vibes. Come together for the end of the Year and end of the first Season of the “Transcendental Vibes – Live Electronic Sessions”. We salute you already in advance and wish you all a merry X-Mas beforehand

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