GO ! C! ART Friday Krisstine Bento Monteiro and DJ Set Monoteur

8 PM Live: Krisstine Bento - Monteiro (/Portugal)
10 PM: : DJ Set Monoteur

8 PM / 9 PM Performance live:

Krisstine Bento - Monteiro (/Portugal) 

 Since more than 25 years involved in many Galerie Projects, Art and Installations, Performances - Krisstina Bento-Monteiro from Portugal uses unsual Material like Latex and fetishism Objects in an critical social context, with experimental music, using streams, video digi art, and dance . Followed now by many on her Livestream Shows of her very own Art Space, the Aristokrass Galery, she will be performing at The Go"! C ! ART Festival 9th Edition exclusive.     




10 pm: DJ Set Monoteur presents 

Wave, Ambient, electronic, soundtracks 

» http://facebook.com/LadyKrassie» http://krisstinebentomonteiro.com

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