Fashion cat walk : Maria Voth-Velasco (Spain)

LFashion cat walk : Maria Voth-Velasco (Spain)
feat J.H., and other Models

feat J.H., and other Models
presenting her very special „Social Trash „fashion  collection. " Social Trash" is a Streetwear Fashion Collection by the spanish Model Maria Voth-Velasco.   
If you google her,  you will find her working for brands like Zara, H&M, Tally  Weijl,  among many others. But she started to make her own and very different  collection.
„ Social Trash“ is a Streetwear Collection foccused on social but also political happenings. On her Catwalk Perfromance Presentation she will work with Model  
J.H. and some special created sounds . Don t miss that very special Event !      

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