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It all started with "Back to the Past", a Diploma-Thesis-Party together with his mate Peacemaker in the year of 2007. As a side project, "The Rising Bastards" had founded with four other friends in the same year "The Architects" to start, once with naive thoughts, an illegal radio. However, from the pirate radio station had nothing emerged. The Rising Bastards does not longer exist. Through the old party series "Bonkers" in the Club Nordstern in Basel hosting artists as Camo&Krooked, Sigma, Adam F, The Prototypes, Ed Rush, Loadstar, to name a few, the name "The Architects" always got more expanded in the Swiss Drum & Bass Scene. Unfortunatly The Architects does now also not longer exist and FYM started to push more and more his solo career.
Once per month FYM teams up together with QZB and runs the Radio Show called "Density" at local Radio Station "Radio X".
In 2015 FYM won the DJ Competition at the Sun&Bass Festival in Sardegna, Italy and since then he's getting more and more bookings around Europe. FYM had in 2016 his international debuts in Portugal, Austria, Germany and in January for the first time in London.
Since 2016 FYM is also a Member of the RANDOM Crew of Basel which organize every month a Drum&Bass Event at Sommercasino Basel. He started two years ago to get more involved into production and shares since October 2016 the same studio with QZB.. First release is planed for February 2018 for Skalator Music.

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FYM Sun&Bass DJ Competition 2015


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