Salsa with drinks and Tapas

Samael Agreda (DJ Samy) was born in 1982 in Bolivia, La Paz. Most of his life he was living in Basel, Switzerland. His DJ-ing career began with 15 years, when he was playing at Kuppel, Basel. There, his every Tuesday Salsaloca-Evenings are till today meeting point for Salsa dancers. His inspiration for Salsa DJ-ing comes from his big passion for the whole spectrum of Latino music. His music knowledge began alreday when he was a small boy and spend lot of time whit learning about classical music and Jazz. During the year 2000 he discovered Kubo for himself. Important for him was Septeto Nacional de Ignacio Pineiro from where he had a lot of inspirations. Samy visited different music schools in Kuba and was self student of Chucho Vadez Quardet, “Randez” drummer where he learned a lof about percussion and composing. DJ Samy was over a year leader of a Salsa Band called “Contra el viento” in Basel and is now himself a teacher for Salsa and percussion.
Samy gor also new projects now he s on the way to get famous in Puerto-Rico and New York. DJ Samy is on his best way to become one of the most popular DJs in Switzerland. This year he was playing in different Swiss Clubs, on Festivals like Fiesta Candela, Caliente Festival. Salsafestival Switzerland and visited different Festivals like Salsa Festival Hamburg . DJ Samy ist writing CD criticals for und is working on an own radio show in Zürich,


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