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Opening 6 Th Edition GO!CART Festival @ Cargo Bar, Basel, Swiss

5 PM : Vernissage: Exposition ANTOINE ZGRAGGEN (CH)
7 PM: Live Performance: LESTER & NIKI (Venezl/Fin)
> Water is Rising: Ambient E-Live Sounds
8.30 PM: Live : LESTER & NIKI (Venezl /Fin)
10 PM:  DJ Set by Raju Tamang (CH)

8.30 PM: Live : LESTER & NIKI (Venezl /Fin)Pop Electronic Songs like Bronski Beat meets The XXX.

Lester and Niki , a Duo from Venezuela and Finland are now based in Amsterdam and Berlin, known for very catchy electro Pop Digi Songs, sometimes it reminds like a 90s Band with the Voice of Bronski Beat mixed up with The XXX! They have already toured whole Europe, including Swiss, and are also known for great Digital Art, VJ, and for their Choreographies Dance Performances at Theatres and Festivals all around the World. For the Opening of the Festival, they created two very special works. We are glad to fly them in !

THE WILD THINGS, a performance project by Lester & Niki [2016]

Raju Taman g- vier

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