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Crossing , jumping, overdriven ART !

Brigitte Handley I Frank Castro I DJ Papst Pest I Tomtation I Antoine Zgraggen


16:00 Uhr  Performance
Frank Castro Performance : Crossing , jumping, overdriven ART !
Frank Castro, from Germany but now living in Tenerife, Spain,  is known for his extreme offensive Performances around the world. He reflects in this Performance about the Subject and Trade of ART. 



19 Uhr

Destructive Machines Proceeding

Antoine Zgraggen - Destructive Machines

Destructive Machines by Antoine Zgraggen. You are encumbered of art works – here you can destroy it




20:00 Uhr Live Concert

Live Accoustic Guitar Set
Brigitte & her Band The Dark Shadows from Sydney, Australia , are a world wide known Indie All Girl Rock Band, touring from Japan till Europe and having even a Hit at BBC Radio Station and plaied shows with big Indie Bands as well as some Legends  like The Stray Cats....Brigitte`s Solo accoustic Set becomes an all time hit at the GO!C!ART in Basel , her incredible charming voice and her wonderful guitar play are fascinating. Don t miss that  downunder special at the Cargo!




22:00 Uhr Video Art Projection

Video Art projection” SpaceCart “ of Tomtation (Tom Felix (Germany)

Tomtation (Tom Felix / Mr.Tom / Kopfsuelz/ iVideo). Known for his Art since the 80's. Bio: Born 1971 in Cologne/Germany, raised in space, went to school & university, worked for TV-stations, worked with artists, founded an illegal club Kopfsuelz), working as a DJ (Mr. Tom) in a legal club.


Brigitte (The Dark Shadows) - Silent Screams

The Dark Shadows - Eisbär (official video clip)

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