Anton Sword * 'Symphony for Bird & Gun' Tour * Sept 2013

NYC native singer/keyboardist Anton Sword makes dark, beautiful dance music channeling british glam, 80s synthpop, soul, disco, krautrock, psychedelia, and glitchy electronics, combining his influences to create  “Interesting, musically subtle, tasteful, original, witty music...infectiously rhythmic and impossibly memorable.” (

September's 'Symphony for Bird & Gun' tour brings his current trio to Europe, including soul/punk bassist Gina Marie Rodriguez (Detroit Cobras, Les Sans Culottes) and guitarist Michael Lawson, a texture expert who shares Sword's love of both baroque classical and blaxploitation soundtrack music. The resultant sound is unique; listen to it, dance to it, or just stare.

Anton Sword is based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and produces and releases his music on his own label, Kiss Chase. CDs to date include: 'A Sentimental Education' (2007), 'City of Oblivion' (2010), and 'Here in the Hurricane' (2012). 2013 will see the release of a string of singles, including the September tour's namesake, 'Symphony for Bird & Gun', a dark disco song.

Sword plays in NYC monthly, has toured the Eastern USA twice, and Europe 9 times, both solo and with a shifting stable of amazing musicians, including drummer Kristin Mueller (Lucinda Black Bear, C. Gibbs, Christy & Emily); bassist Gina Marie Rodriguez (Detroit Cobras, Les Sans Culottes, Madame Robot), bassist Chris Wilson (Love Spit Love, Mabuses, Lloyd Cole), guitarists Julian Maile (Losers Lounge), Michael Lawson, Kristofer Widholm, and others.


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