The act of writing not the word part II

Performance by Giuseppe Domíngez and after Expo Party DJ's.

Discovery of the obvious that took place during a research laboratory fusion or interaction of dance and poetry. The title is a poem which was written then.
This is a second item of the set of actions consisting in recovering the action component always associated to the act of writing.
As a verb, it shows its nature as an act, but also we can recover its different facets, considering that, to write, produces sound, image, movement, objects, and, by the way, these objects smell, taste, sound, are tactile, visual, affecting, bu this way to every one of our five senses.
As this action can be small, medium, large or huge, the accompanying features are proportional to that size.
If, during the first element of the series (held in the 5th International Art Action Caudete, Albacete, 2008), I explored the sonic possibilities of the act of writing, this time, I will focus on the image and the movement.
The same word (the word "word") is written in several languages (27 languages) in different sizes and over different surfaces (paper, air, walls, skins, clothes, chairs ...) and with different tools.
That word ("word") sometimes will occupy tiny dimensions and sometimes the entire space, so that writing involves the act of traveling into the space to do it and let it clear that writing is, above all, a event.
The action will last a maximum time of 27 minutes timed embodiment, however, it could be completed in less time.



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