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This monthly installment at the Cargo-Bar in Basel is aimed at showcasing live local electronic music talent. The focus is on live collaboration, experimentation and improvisation. Typically, these extended sets are built from the pairing of artists who then jam or battle their way to new sonic output. From chilled ambient sets to deep electronic soul these Friday nights can be unpredictable but always interesting. 2manyliveacts is currently curated by local producer/performer Ed Function.
Friday January 13th has Ed Function and local newcomer Mario Oetterli playing deep house and techno with a focus on the old-school.

Ed Function is an electronic music producer/composer born and raised in Australia, currently residing in Switzerland. HIs background is in fine arts, design and audio engineering. Over the past ten years and under various aliases he has been producing and performing music from experimental ambient to techno and house. After various releases and remixes through several international labels such as Junkbeats, Arabica, East Point Sounds (Aus), Term (USA), Standard Klik (FR) and live performances in Europe, Israel and Australia his focus is on finding new ways in which to present and perform his sound experiments.

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